Travel Tech Con Mission

Travel Tech Con goal is to help travel startups by connecting them with their fellow startups, corporate partners and individual mentors. TTC is backed and produced by Travana Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to help travel industry to move forward. All our events and other initiatives are organized by volunteers and that helps us to keep the registration price very low and accessible to startups and individuals, while price tag of the majority of other industry events is in the range of thousands of dollars.

Travel Tech Con's philosophy is to be completely independent ideologically and financially. You won’t see sponsored talks at our events or advertising on our pages, with the exception of our supporters and sponsors.



Questions, suggestions, media, speaker intros, sponsor intros - please email us at marina [at]



Marina Janeiko, founder of WhenToGo - say hi on Twitter.

Max Izmaylov, founder of Roomstorm - say hi on Twitter.



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