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Going Expert connects travelers with travel agents who have been where they are going. 

These days everyone is time-poor, and planning a holiday takes alot of time. The online travel platforms sell travelers the holiday packages they want to sell, not exactly what the traveler wants or needs.

Using www.Going.Expert a traveler simply enters their destination and is presented with profiles of travel agents who have actually been to that destination. The traveler chooses 1 travel agent, connects, and receives all of their business and contact information.

One of the huge benefits of using a "been-there" travel agent is the local knowledge they can empart. The traveler will see more, visit the best sights and activities, and avoid the worst.

The travel agents on the Going Expert with destination profiles on the database are individuals. this is about connecting the traveler with an experienced individual who has been to the destination, not about the 'travel agency' or someone else in the office. 

The travel agent essential becomes the travelers personal itinerary planner.

The registered travel agents are certified and pre-qualified by one of the travel associations.

Going Expert does not compare prices and does not sell travel.

It's Free to use.
The travel agent pays a fee when the traveler chooses them to connect with. 

Going Expert also has free travel guides right on the home page where travelers can research their destination and be armed with valuable questions for when they connect with their chosen travel agent.

www.Going.Expert does not compare prices and does not sell travel. It is a connection tool for travelers.

It's simple to search and free to use.

www.Going.Expert is web-based, optimized for mobile, but does also have an iOS APP for those APP users.


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Challenge Being Solved

The online search model has been around long enough for traveler to now be finding frustration with the time wasted researching a holiday, and the shortcoming when booking online. Going Expert is providing the traveler destinational research, and travel experts to take away the time and effort of planning and booking. The travel agent essentially becomes the travelers personal itinerary planner.