Why Adam Goldstein is attending Travel Tech Con 2017

We are excited to announce Adam Goldstein, Co-Founder & CEO of Hipmunk, will be one of our awesome keynote speakers at Travel Tech Con 2017. We sat down with him and asked him his inspirations, who should approach him at the conference and what he's most excited about Travel Tech Con 2017. Can't wait to see you in May Adam!


Adam Goldstein - Co-Founder & CEO of Hipmunk, a consumer-oriented online travel company headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Why did you get into travel tech?

I started Hipmunk because I was frustrated with existing travel services. They didn't seem adequately focused on reducing the agony of searching for travel. The tech side was integral from the beginning—building on modern web and mobile technologies gave us a huge advantage against our more established competitors.


Who do you want to meet at the Travel Tech Con 2017 and who should approach you?

People should introduce themselves if they:

• Are fans of Hipmunk

• Want advice on starting a travel startup (hint: don't :)

• Are looking for jobs


What’s the best thing about being in travel tech?

The never-ending intellectual challenge of the online travel industry.


What are you most looking forward to about Travel Tech Con?

The chance to stay current on travel tech in the city that's been at the forefront of so many innovations.

Adam is a full-time travel nerd who founded Hipmunk just weeks after his graduation from MIT in June 2010. At MIT, he earned degrees in electrical engineering/computer science and mechanical engineering, and was the North American Debating Champion in 2010. Prior to Hipmunk, Adam co-founded BookTour with Wired's Chris Anderson, and was also the youngest author ever at O'Reilly, writing AppleScript: The Missing Manual at the age of 16.

Want to hear Adam speak live on the Travel Tech Con stage? Get your tickets before they sell out here