To jog your memory, Travel Tech Con ran a raffle a few months ago giving away a free ticket and the winner was....AirWander! We sat down with the powerhouse and full of life Founder & CEO Ela Bader to chat about AirWander and why she's excited to attend TTC this May. 

CEO & Founder @ AirWander, Ela Bader 

CEO & Founder @ AirWander, Ela Bader 

What problem is your company solving?

It’s not easy to travel to 2 or 3 destinations on the same budget as to one.  Travellers have to pay extra to visit a stopover if booking on standard travel websites and multi - city flights are overpriced. Combining flights manually takes days and results are not optimal.

Airwander solves both of those issues : automated flight combinations allow our users to add a free stopover for as many days as user wants. In many cases adding a stopover results in savings compared to a regular flight.

What inspired you to start your company?

The founders were inspired on an 8-month South America backpacking trip where they added additional countries to their trip while saving money on flights.  After that point they always added stopovers and became flight hacking experts. Using spreadsheets and guessing on combinations, it was obvious that this technique could not perfected  without the use of machine learning. They realized that combining flights manually was also very time consuming so automation of this technique became their focus in life.

Today, nearly 3 years after starting on development AirWander has become the smartest tool to help you find stopovers that will create savings.



What’s the best thing about working on travel tech?

Meeting like-minded wanderers, learning about new travel tools, being constantly inspired by travel tech innovation. It also helps to know travel hacks and be able to travel to many places in the world :)


What's the most exciting thing you're working on right now, and how are you making it happen

We’re currently working on user accounts which will enable our users to save their flight searches and set up flight alerts.


Who do you want to meet at the Travel Tech Con 2017 and who should approach you?

We would like to meet airlines representatives to possibly form partnerships. Also other travel startups and their founders. Exchanging experiences while growing your travel tech company is a great way to learn.



What are you most looking forward to about Travel Tech Con?

I’m looking forward to workshops to learn from the industry experts and connect with them.


Are you a Travel Startup?

Just like AirWander your startup can be featured in a TTC blog just like this! All you need to do is become a TTC Startup, simple as that! Another bonus as a TTC Startup is that you can apply to pitch at Travel Tech Con 2017. Please apply here (will only take you a few secs!).