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Strong Content is Strong Marketing

Strong content gives your event the opportunity to share examples for future events. It helps with social media, event pages, media, marketing, and more.

We recommend that you have a volunteer or two available to take pictures and videos for the event.

We DON’T want:  

  • Blurry, unfocused, or low quality images.

  • Bored faces, unengaged audiences.

  • Photos of empty chairs or small crowds.

  • Photos that are not symmetrical or balanced.

  • Photos of messy or dark spaces.

We DO want:

  • Good quality images.

  • Lots of smiling!

  • Conversations and laughing.

  • Portrait photos of speakers.

  • Showcasing large crowds.

  • Showcasing logos and startups involved.

Image Examples

Event Shot List


+ Portrait shot of each panelist speaking.

+ Wide shot of panel.

+ Wide shot of host addressing crowd.

+ Portrait shot of host addressing crowd.

+ Wide shot of crowd from state.

+ Close shots of crowd observing.

+ Shots of crowd engaging during networking.

+ Shots of promotional materials (postcards, etc).

+ Shot of Meetup team together.

Tips for Videos:

We DO want:

  • Videos of panelists speaking

  • Video of introduction to conference by conference host

  • Good quality video with good sound quality as well

  • Videos of crowd asking questions

We DON’T want:


  • Long videos without crowd engagement

  • Low quality videos (shaky, unsteady noise, no crowd engagement, etc.)

  • Dark videos

Video Examples