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Step by Step Social Tips

Prior to Event

2 months prior: start alerting followers of upcoming Meetup to be planned, invite them to join a newsletter list.

1.5 months prior: start promoting event and sharing tickets (ask followers to share and perhaps offer some sort of early access ticket with a special event for early attendees).

1 month prior: schedule daily social media posts.

  • 1 post about event tickets

  • 1 post about event panelists

  • 1 post about Travel Tech community

  • 1 Post about Travel Tech trends

2 weeks prior: amp up social posts about tickets, say how many are left if there’s a limited amount, begin to promote special events, partnership, startups, and attendees!

1 week prior: start posting reminders of upcoming event

Day of event: promote event and allow people to get last minute tickets (if it’s sold out, consider adding a few and promoting).


 During the Event

  • Live tweet quotes from the panelists

  • Live tweet photos of panelists, audience, and host

  • Have a host or volunteer go around asking questions to the guests to publish on social media


Post Event

  • Share pictures from the event, thank attendees, and offer news on upcoming workshops!

  • Share pictures of panelists with quotes and graphics

  • Share videos w/ highlight reels