Host a Meetup / Organizer Application / Organizer Rules

Step 1. Engage with ttc

Engage with the TTC community.

  • Have you already connected with us on social media?
  • Have you joined our FB group?
  • Signed up to our newsletter? 

It's important to TTC that you are an active participant in our community to assure your dedication to supporting innovation in travel tech.

Step 2. have a local network 

Step 3. Read the organizer rules

We've created organizer rules to assure that as a host, you will maintain a standard quality and that we 

Step 4. Commitment

Planning a Travel Tech Meetup takes time and dedication. We're not here to rush events or host them without purpose. We ask that as an organizer you are understanding that often these events will take months in advance planning, as well as have a need for additional volunteers to help with the actual event. In addition, these are vital aspects of hosting:

  • Locking down a location
  • Creating a community network
  • Promoting the event
  • Ordering drinks, food, supplies

If you're ready to start the application to host a Travel Tech Meetup in your city, fill out the form below. 

Have additional questions? Contact us at [email protected]