Increasingly, travelers want to know that their purchases and their travels matter. At present, there is no airline and hotel booking option that allows a traveler to make global social impact through a very simple purchase -- beginning the value of their journey from the moment they buy their airline ticket. At Janbala we will mainstream impact into all aspects of the travelers journey -- our aim is to become a booking engine that drives social and economic value for the regions we visit. 


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Challenge Being Solved

The global tourism industry is the 10th largest industry in the world - and in developing nations the 3rd largest. And yet it is a deeply inequitable industry, with most profits returning to large global companies rather than staying in local economies. Increasingly, travelers want to know their journies matter to the communities they visit - and there is no current option to both buy an airline ticket and create positive social impact. We're building a booking engine that will provide travelers the opportunity to have a direct, positive social impact on the regions they visit - any where in the world - without increasing price or sacrificing quality.