Georama is the world's first real-time virtual tour platform. When people can’t go where they want to due to time, money, or physical limitations, Georama’s technology helps them go there virtually, in real-time via mobile & interactive live video tours. Georama is used for campus tours, destination marketing, site inspections, & more, helping people make better decisions while saving time/money.

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Challenge Being Solved

No matter how much we wish to travel (business or personal), people can’t always go where they want to go, whether it be due to logistical reasons (not enough time), financial reasons (insufficient funds/budget), or physical reasons (physically disabled or confined to a hospital / senior home). For certain types of travel, there is a need for an alternate approach that can provide the information required without spending significant time/money.

For the last 20 years, companies like Expedia and Priceline have focused on helping people physically travel, but we believe the much larger opportunity is helping those who cannot travel.