Join the team

We are a small and close knit team of self starters, technology geeks and future thinkers. We share an insatiable passion for travel and adventure. We make it our everyday mission to fast forward the innovation and we know what it takes to move the needle.

Join the family. It's time to move the industry forward.


What We Offer

Passionate team with a track record of running truly amazing travel tech community meetups and organizing one hell of a conference in San Francisco

Opportunity to directly make a difference in the travel industry and see tangible, meaningful results of your work every day

Work closely with the founders and have the freedom and autonomy to make things happen

Make those lifetime connections in the industry and meet likeminded people who make the future happen

Put this work on your resume - we will be happy to endorse you!

This is a part time, mostly remote, volunteer based commitment with high impact outcomes for the industry and yourself

To apply for the roles listed below, send an email with a brief intro, resume and relevant links to marina[at] and we'll get back to you with next steps. 


Director of Marketing

These are exciting times for Travel Tech Con - we're fresh, hot and unapologetic. We want to rock the boat and we need your help reaching far and wide.


Director of Startup Operations

Absolute dedication to the success of travel startups in our community is what makes us different and better. Be part of making that success happen every day.


Director of Partnerships & Sponsorships

We don't do cold calling or hard selling. Our sponsors are our supporters and we treat them as true friends of the community who help us make things happen. We need more friends like that.