Travel Tech Con 2017 - hell yeah!

May 22-24, 2017, 500 startups & Treasure Island

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Travel Tech Con 2017 Live


TTC17 Main Program - May 24, 2017 on Treasure Island


Brian Addison | Email: [email protected] | Photos: | IG:


TTC17 Pitch Competition - May 22 @ 500 startups


Brian Addison | Email: [email protected] | Photos: | IG:


Watch TTC17 keynotes


9:00am: We Wanted Flying Cars... 

(Maksim Izmaylov, Founder of Winding Tree & Travel Tech Con)


9:25am: Why Investors Hate Travel And Why They’re Wrong 

(Gillian Morris, Founder and CEO of Hitlist)


10:00am: Hipmunk's Journey

(Adam Goldstein, Founder of Hipmunk)


10:45am: State of Startups

(Michael Coletta, Research and Innovation at Phocuswright)


11:25am: Are Travel Startups Still Relevant?

(Tahnee Perry, Marketing Strategist at Deem)