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Conference Day by Helen Yema Hosain (

Conference Day by Justin Chuan (this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License)

Conference Day by David Silva 


TTC16 Talks

TTC16: Divya Jain - Innovation: Connecting The Dots (slides)

TTC16: Mohammad Gaber - Travel, Massive Innovation or Bust? (slides)

TTC16: Peter Wilkins - VR in Travel (slides)

TTC16: Gadi Bashvitz - Travel Booking. Personalized (slides)

Automotive Innovation Panel. Participants: Maria Mokhnatkina, Founder & CEO at Roadgazer Tom Lindma, Manager, Strategic Partnerships at Bosch Alexey Kovsh, Director, Technical Marketing at Princeton Optronics Ilter Canberk, CTO at Skurt Tin Hang Liu, Co-founder & CEO of OSVehicle

TTC16: Rachel Zhao - Making it Global, Keeping it Local (slides)

TTC16: Ravir Gurjal and Jody Farrar - AI: The Future of Travel (slides)

TTC16: Akbar Thobhani - Does the Bitcoin Blockchain Pave The Way For The Next AirBnB? (slides)

TTC16: Blockchain Panel. Participants: Norm Rose, President of Travel Tech Consulting Tiana Laurence, Chief Marketing Officer at Factom Akbar Thobhani, Co-founder and CEO, SFOX

TTC16: Michael Frischkorn - The Connected Destination (slides)

TTC16: Maksim Izmaylov - To Infinity and Beyond. With Standards. (slides)

TTC16: Toby Houchens - Unconventional Travel Risk Management (slides)


Pitch Competition finalists

Here are the Introductions, watch the entire pitches and see the winners & finalists here.

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