Travel Tech Con has joined forces with Winding Tree non-profit Foundation to become an open platform for permission-less innovation in travel. 

Over the last two years of building travel tech startup community, facilitating collaboration between founders and organizing events to promote open conversation around emerging technology - we've been presented with opportunities to operate under a corporate brand.

Throughout this time we've been very happy with existing collaboration channels and it's been great to see so much corporate interest in what we're doing. We won't lie - it was tempting to become part of that world, it would definitely make access to resources and funding easier than us trying to go independent. However, what we also realized was that in order for us to stay true to our mission - to foster innovation and to bring together community of founders ready to take quantum leaps into the future - we need to stay independent and steer away from corporate agendas. Therefore, Travel Tech Con will operate under the new Swiss non-profit foundation that aims to create better and future-proof technology alternatives to the current incumbents controlled solutions. The time for quantum leaps is now


Marina, the Founder of Travel Tech Con

To know more about the foundation & the marketplace - visit Winding Tree. To get in touch with Travel Tech Con team - send us a message