If you travel a lot, or even just a little, you’ll be sick of roaming bills, or frustrated by the inconvenience of the cheaper alternative: buying a local SIM and switching it with your regular one. Goconnekt™ is a WiFi hotspot rental service in your hotel room that combines convenience, quality and affordability. Goconnekt saves foreign travelers hundreds of dollars on their phone bill. For hoteliers, our cellular network-as-service is an easy-to-deploy internet amenity that generates revenue and is a powerful channel through which they can engage their guests.

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Challenge Being Solved

As the hospitality industry continues to evolve with customer needs, offering localized WiFi is not enough. Foreign travelers don’t have a US mobile carrier plan, which makes using internet on their mobile devices very expensive and inconvenient. Goconnekt is the affordable, easy-to-use and convenient service that offers the best mobile coverage available. 

Goconnekt is also the privileged companion for travelers. The GPS-enabled hotspot combined with our webapp helps travelers discover and book for services available at the hotel as well as reserve and pay for nearby activities.