Did you know that 90% of travel agencies are still taking bookings manually via e-mail booking requests or phones? To prepare an offer, travel agent has to login into multiple websites/systems, which is time consuming process with lot of the room for mistakes.  As travel agents we know this pain and this is why we developed a system to help the travel  agencies automate hotel booking process – Hotailor.

We created a multisource platform with an access to more than 600.000 hotels worldwide from more than 40 hotel's providers with only one login. After submitted request, original algoritms are filtering the inventory pool by location, price and rating (travel agent can select the priority).

Selected hotels are presented in an dashboard, along with:

  • hotel's info and photos,
  • interactive Google Map,
  • rooms description,
  • competitor's price and rating.

Using Hotailor, travel agent is able to process an accommodation request to confirmation voucher within 5 minutes. Thanks to Hotailor, travel agent can finalize 10 times more bookings than manutally allowing him to compete with the biggest online travel agencies and still keep the personal relationship with the client. Classic win-win.

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