Hotailor is provider of tailored hotel booking for business travelers. Combination of algorithm which scans our data base (consisting of more than 400.000 hotels) and knowledge of our travel experts will always give the most two suitable results to our users. Everything that user has to do in to send us the request where he enters his preferences. Algorithm later on chooses 15 best hotels in a single interactive dashboard and the travel expert chooses two most suitable ones. Hotailor thus solves the hassle when it comes to specific hotel bookings, confronted by business travelers. It saves up to 48 minutes per booking. Best price on market is guaranteed.

Special touch is cooperation with travel expert, who will consult you on which hotel to choose. Users love collective invoice, which is paid once per month, always in the same currency. We recentely signed up the contract with two biggest travel agencies in Balkan, which will use Hotailor as SaaS solution. They will reduce the agent's time of finding the right hotel for the lowest price.

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