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my trip amigo 

myTripAmigo is the world’s smartest and most integrated ‘last mile’ travel platform. We are revolutionizing the travel experience by empoweringtravelers to create fully customized trips that seamlessly integrate hotel bookings, car rentals, tour guides, personal commitments and offline navigation on a single platform. myTripAmigo is your travel buddy on the go, that will ensure that you are never lost on your next trip. So plan less, travel more!

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Challenge Being Solved

Currently trip planning is a fragmented, input heavy process that takes days to even plan a short trip. There is no platform that can combine these inputs such as travel and hotel bookings, sightseeing, personal commitments into an optimized ready to use itinerary tailored for each individual user. Moreover, there is no platform that acts as a buddy/assistant when a traveler is actually doing the trip by constantly monitoring and suggesting smart changes on the go to ensure you are never lost

myTripAmigo is not only an integrated platform that solves the above mentioned problems but also combines artificial intelligence to suggest smart complete trips to travelers, based on their or their peer group’s past preferences.

Other advantages of myTripAmigo are

- Most curated and complete content for all attractions 

- Plan multi-day multi-city trips with a single click

- Integrated point to point offline navigation throughout your trip

- Browse through user/travel blogger made itineraries and customize them as per your need

- Marketplace for travelers and travel experts for trip planning

- We make business trips more fun by creating itineraries around your fixed commitments