PanTrek is a search & booking engine for the 2,000+ inter-city buses in Latin America, a $15+ billion market. We provide travelers the ability to thoroughly research inter-city bus companies (e.g. user reviews, ratings, photos, and amenity lists) and actually purchase bus tickets. We are both an OTA and GDS.

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Challenge Being Solved

Little information exists for Latin American bus travel, including route, schedule, or pricing information in this extremely fragmented market. Once travelers find options, they have no way to compare the widely varying bus companies to each other with qualitative research. And if the traveler finally decides to purchase a ticket, GOOD LUCK!

Most bus companies do not have functioning websites that allow for online ticket purchases, especially with international payment options.

Lastly, if a traveler wishes to visit a city that has no direct bus route, there is no GDS to help combine routes and bus companies into 1 transaction.