Tourboks is an online marketplace for Tours & Activities Worldwide. Today, there are 300+ suppliers at, offering 1500+ activities worldwide.
Tourboks Solutions:
 A SaaS (Software as a service) for Tour Operators & Activity Providers to upload & sell their Tours & Activities
Tourboks web platform has an admin interface for Suppliers to upload and manage their:

  • Products
  • Bookings

Communications with the end customers
Online Distribution Channels both for B2C and B2B customers
Tourboks sells tours & activities uploaded at Tourboks admin interface:

  • 2 mobile apps (iOS & Android)
  • various B2B reselling options
        (API, White Label, Widgets)


Website | Facebook page

Challenge Being Solved

Tours & Activities Market is:
A Complex Market. It’s a challenge to digitize tours & activities into a comprehensive database and sell them online.

  • Tremendously Fragmented. With small independent players in each destination
  • Disconnected. With the majority of the players not even having a website
  • Very Slow to Adopt Technology. A typical activity provider will keep his bookings at best in an excel file or even a piece of paper rather than a sophisticated software
    On top of that there is a gap between Asian and Western players: Western players are not tailor making for Asians successfully, whereas the Asian players do not offer advanced tech solutions open and available to all with competitive commissions.

Thus we decided to create Tourboks and position ourselves as The Asian Partner In The West and offer an Open Gateway to the Best Tours & Activities Worldwide to travelers and companies that want to resell online in Asian audiences.