trip plus me

Trip+me is an intelligent marketplace for trip solutions. In a combination of travel guides and booking services, people can explore our curated trip ideas for 120k worldwide destinations, personalize trip itineraries with preferred flights, hotels and modularized tours, check real-time pricing, and book all their travel needs in once place.

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Challenge Being Solved

Trip+me is bridging the following gaps:

1. Attractions, activities, transportations are all segmented. There is no visual and customize-able way to show people what 3 days will be like in San Francisco with kids.

2. Trip planning and reservations also have to be done separately. There is no single place to give people a holistic view of their entire trip plan and reservations.

3. Sharing the trips is still just limited to photos or POI’s largely via social media. There is no exiting tool to share the entire trip plan with family and friends or other travelers.